You Deserve the $1500 Frontline Worker Bonus Pay

You are a frontline essential worker that has been working since the pandemic began in 2020.

The state of Minnesota has $250 million allotted to frontline essential workers in MN from the federal American Rescue Plan. In light of the $7.7 billion state budget surplus, the fair and equitable thing to do is give each frontline essential worker $1500 in the way of bonus pay.

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UFCW Local 663 Union News

UFCW Local 663 anuncia equipo de liderazgo para representar y hacer crecer el sindicato de trabajadores esenciales de alimentos y tiendas más grande de Minnesota

PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATAMartes, 20 de Septiembre del 2022 Contacto: Jessica Hayssen… [+]

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NEWS RELEASE: UFCW Local 663 Announces Leadership Team to Represent and Grow Minnesota’s Largest Essential Food and Retail Worker Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 20, 2022 Contact: Jessica Hayssen, 651-261-8… [+]

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2022 UFCW 663 Educational Grant Winners

UFCW Local 663 recognizes how important education is for the future growth of the you… [+]

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