Justice for Union Members at Jerry’s!


This April, we won a huge victory against Jerry’s! 

When Local 663 members in part time positions came forward and expressed they were not being offered the minimum hours that are stated in their union contract, UFCW Local 663 filed a grievance. The grievance then moved to mediation.

For part time positions at Jerry’s, our union contract states minimum hours to be scheduled are 15.

We are pleased to announce that Jerry’s has agreed to pay all missed hours back to March 2023 for all affected part time workers. 

We requested back schedules for all part time positions from Jerry’s to determine eligible employees. Members from this victory over Jerry’s will be made whole in the coming months. If you have questions please reach out to your union representative Jayson Gallager at 612-295-4810 or jaysong@ufcw663.org.

What is a Grievance? 

A grievance is an employee complaint that the employer violated the worker’s rights under the law, pursuant to a contract, or as set forth in the employer’s workplace policies and procedures. In our union workplaces, a grievance generally involves the employer’s breach of the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. Both individuals and groups of employees can file a grievance.

To take the first step in filing a grievance, go to https://ufcw663.org/grievance 

You will be asked to fill out information such as where you work, job class/title, department, and the who, what, when, where, and why of the grievance.

Submit the form and your union representative will review for next steps. 

Common examples of grievances include disputes involving the payment of wages, changing job duties, improper disciplinary actions, and other issues. However, not every conflict in the workplace is “grievable.”

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