Local 663 & Local 1161 are Stronger Together


Below you will find the introductory merger letter that was sent to all UFCW Local 663 & UFCW Local 1161 members.

July 12, 2018

Dear UFCW Member,
Enclosed you will find information about building a stronger Local Union together. UFCW Locals 663 and 1161 have the opportunity to bargain better contracts, organize non-union competition, and have a stronger voice in local and state politics by merging our Local Unions.

We’d also have strength in numbers. Together, we will be over 13,000 members strong, making us the largest UFCW Local in the five-state area.

Please read this information, and expect additional mailings in the near future.

Thank you for everything you do.


Matt Utecht                                Mike Potter

President                                    President

UFCW Local 663                       UFCW Local 1161


Click here for the official letter.

Click here for the enclosure with Local 653 logo.

Click here for the enclosure with Local 1161 logo.

Click here for the Spanish version of the enclosure.

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