Welcome New Members of Retail Grocery!


By Amber Allen, Union Representative

Welcome all new members of UFCW Local 663! If you are in grocery retail industry, chances are you’ve seen and met with one of the union representatives the first few weeks on the job. You’ve chosen a job and possible career path that brings guaranteed raises, protections, and benefits through your union contract.

Your rights at work are important

Union staff meet with you either at your new employee orientation or on the sales floor, depending on what works best at the worksite. It’s your opportunity to ask questions about benefits, protections, wages, and how you as a new union member can contribute your voice to make your worksite an even better place. In addition to union staff welcoming you, union stewards and other co-workers will welcome you, and perhaps share stories and learn more about you.

Your rights at work are important, and we value your health, safety and your time. It is your right to be safe at work. By joining together in union, we are able to achieve more than we would alone. You may be in your probationary period, and as a new member it is a chance to gather more knowledge about your rights at work as you also gain job skills.

Being a part of our union family is powerful. Our union family sticks together to strengthen our bargaining to build jobs and lives with dignity and respect. Many of the topics union staff cover in the new member orientations include:

  • Introductions (name, worksite, job, what kind of work you’ve done before, if you’ve ever belonged to a union)
  • Work issues new members care about & issues that our union is currently working on
  • Information about the UFCW and the local union
  • Basics of the contract
  • Membership (and initiation fee)
  • Special services and benefits of membership offered through the local and the International (we provide a packet of such information)
  • The union’s communication tools: texts, newsletter, website, social media, worksite bulletin board)
  • Upcoming events, meetings, campaigns and other opportunities to be involved
  • How new members prefer to be contacted

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact the union office at (763)-525-1500. I encourage you to also visit our website and explore the member benefits page at www.ufcw663.org.

You can also sign up to receive texts from our union on important news and updates. Text 663ALERTS to 83071 to subscribe today.

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