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Free College is within Your Reach


Local 663 member Dwight Gaddis is a busy guy. He just started college.

Full-time Produce Manager at Kowalski’s Market in Excelsior, Dwight began his first semester of college at Eastern Gateway Community College this fall. Eastern Gateway Community College is the online college that is part of the free college benefit that all UFCW members can use. He’s majoring in Business Management with an emphasis on Information Technology.

Dreams within reach

Higher education is a pathway to reach our dreams, and we know that UFCW members dream big. Dwight agrees. “I wanted to build my capacity and have added value to Kowalski’s, just knowledge, you know!”
He first remembers finding out about the free college benefit from the June Fact Finder’s educational opportunities page. He looked into it, filled out the FAFSA, and began classes the week of August 20.

Discipline is key

Dwight says that being disciplined with his time is key to staying successful. He works full-time, has a part-time job, and has a full load of classes this semester. This semester cost $5200, so after two years the free benefit just from being a UFCW member will save him over $20,000! What a great deal!

He recommends, “If there is the remote opportunity to take advantage of this program in your life, do it!”

Free College

To learn more about the UFCW free college benefit, go to:

Click here to learn more about scholarships available for other higher educational opportunities.

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