Memorial Day Shop Union

Seeing with Our Hearts


Our Local 663 members’ customer service skills shine. All you have to do is walk into Kowalski’s in Uptown and see our members at work to catch a glimpse of the pride they bring.

Kate Libby is a part-time cashier who works at Kowalski’s in Uptown. She tells me, “I like the customers, they’re nice people. I like my co-workers too.” For over four years now, Kate has been serving customers with a smile.

Working Together

Kate often works the same shift with her co-worker, Nhia Kong. They’ve been working together since Nhia began last October. Nhia works part-time and bags groceries. In fact, Nhia is the first blind person that Kowalski’s Uptown has hired.

“We help each other out when I’m here, it’s been that way since the beginning,” says Nhia. The favorite parts of his job include “Talking with people and packing grocery bags.”

Kim Cizl, one of our union stewards who works at the Uptown location, says Nhia is so skilled at his job that “There’s been a couple of times when Nhia has corrected me on bagging. ’No, on the right, no on the left!’” Kim adds, “He really sees with his heart.”

This article appeared in the June 2018 edition of the Local 663 Fact Finder.

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