Chef Roberts

Local 663’s own Chef Roberts serves up Gourmet Breading


Mike Cunningham is one of our hardworking Local 663 members of 23 years. He is currently a meat cutter at one of our union shops, Pequot Lakes Supervalu in Pequot Lakes, MN. Mike is a man of many talents. In addition to being a trained meat cutter, he is also the owner and co-creator of Chef Roberts Gourmet Breading Mix. Chef Roberts Breading is a delicious coating for fish, chicken, pork chops, potato wedges, any wild game and vegetables.

It all started back in 2001 when Mike had purchased Chef Roberts Gourmet Breading from Chef Roberts himself. Roberts was a chef at a restaurant on Lake Alexander in Scandia Valley Township. At that point, the breading was being distributed on a small local level. Soon after Mike purchased the company, he developed new mixtures such as Cajun and Lemon Pepper.

After Mike created the new selection of breading flavors, the distribution really took off and expanded. Supervalu picked it up at their warehouse in Hopkins MN and now Joliet, Illinois. You can find Chef Roberts on the shelves in many of our Local 663 union grocery stores such as: Supervalu, Lund’s & Byerly’s, Cub Foods, Super One, Festival Foods and King’s County Market. You can also order Chef Roberts Breading online at or check it out on Facebook!

Easy Gourmet Saves the Day

Chef Roberts is self-described as an “easy one-step gourmet breading mix that provides added flavor to compliment your favorite foods. Whether it’s the unique flavor of the Original Recipe, the spicy Cajun Recipe or the zesty Lemon Pepper Recipe, all varieties offer a light coating that also seals in foods natural flavors and gives them a pleasing golden-brown finish. Fast and easy!” We highly recommend picking up a bag the next time you shop one of our union grocery stores!

Local 663 members are a diverse and talented bunch of people. Mike Cunningham is a proud union meat cutter and at the same time, he is running a small local business. And it only makes sense: his breading goes great on the meat he cuts and sells at his store.



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