Meat Cutter Trainee Program

Union Meat Cutter Training Program Lifts Part-Time Position to Full-Time Opportunity


New Union Negotiated Training Program Opens the Door to Better Wages and Benefits

Union Members in Modified Part-Time positions–What would you be able to do if you were guaranteed better wages, free skills training, then offered a full-time position benefits through a program on the job?

For UFCW Local 663 member Omar Sanchez, he knew the answer to this question. In May of 2018, he found the opportunity to make it happen.

“I saw a notice for the Meat Cutter Training Program at the Jerry’s Cub Foods on Broadway posted by the time clock, and I approached Shawn the manager and signed up. I thought, this is a good opportunity to make more money for my family,” he adds, “Now that I’m full-time, I have health insurance for my son who is in Kindergarten.” Omar works at Jerry’s Cub Foods Knollwood.

Better Contracts Equal More Opportunities

One of the many UFCW Local 663 Twin Cities Metro grocery contract wins from 2018 includes a new “Meat Cutter Training” program. Current collective bargaining agreements have new language that creates an opportunity for Modified Part-Time meat cutters to enter into a 12 month meat cutter trainee program and become Full-Time Classified Assistants upon successful completion.

“I heard that a lot of meat cutters are going to retire in the next three years and there will be a need for meat managers.” Sanchez goes on, “At first I was a little afraid of what I said yes to, but now I’m very comfortable behind the saw.”

UFCW Local 663 knows that our union members value great wages and benefits, and opportunities to build better lives. It’s part of the Union Difference. Like President Utecht says, “Live Better, Work Union.”

Omar continues, “I’ve learned so much. I learned from Jeff Jopp, he is one of the best meat cutters around. I’ve been with Jerry’s for six years in June. I began the program in May of 2018, and now I’m making Full-Time pay because I successfully completed the program.”

How It Works

  • Learn New Skills-Modified Part-Time Meat Cutter program.
  • Earn Higher Wages-$17.50 an hour during the 12 month period. Upon successful completion, will become Full-Time Classified Assistant.
  • How to Apply–Talk with your Store Directors or Store Managers.

If instituted in each possible workplace, the meat cutter training program could help over 60 families around the Twin Cities area by raising their wages and providing even more stable income and benefits by lifting up Part-Time positions to Full-Time.

Omar’s advice to other UFCW Local 663 members–“For anyone that is considering applying to the program, I say do it! It is a wonderful union benefit, so sign up. We have a great union.”

The Modified Part-Time Meat Cutter Training Program is included in the following contracts:
Jerry’s, Supervalu, Haug’s, Radermachers, King’s Andover, Oxendale’s, Driskill’s, Almsted’s, Knowlan’s Festival, Everett’s, Ingebretsen’s, and Bergan’s.

View your contract online:

Here’s some of the other Local 663 members currently in the meat cutter training program:

Kirsten Siewert of Cub Foods Champlin says, “One of the most important things I’ve learned about the job is to keep my knife sharp.”
meat cutter trainee
Lucas Meyer of Cub Foods Monticello.
meat cutter trainee
Devin Banitt of Cub Foods Rosemount, “The huge raise is nice! I’ve also gained more appreciation for the skilled work I’m doing. If you are interested in this program, you need to inquire. It’s hard, so you need to be totally interested.”


Michael Olson of Cub Foods Minnehaha.

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