No Spring Recess for Working People


The Minnesota Legislature begins its spring recess this week. While they take a break, the majority party’s many bills attacking working people will be left on the table until they return. Some items on their unfinished agenda include:
• Making Minnesota a so-called “Right-to-Work” state
• Restricting local control by taking away wage and benefit increases in cities and town across the state.
• Taking away public sector workers’ freedom to pay union dues directly from their paycheck, aka Paycheck Deception
• Undermining professional licensure standards for educators, nurses, electricians, and other professions.
At the core, these bad bills are a concerted attack on the central value that unites all working Minnesotans – the freedom to join together and negotiate a fair return on our work.
Working people are volunteering their time to make phone calls to Minnesota’s union families to talk about these issues. So far, we’ve made more than 3,000 calls, and we aren’t taking a recess. We’ll continue to make phone calls on these important issues while our legislators are on break AND after they return.

Text MN to 235-246 (AFL-CIO) for the details on a phone bank near you or visit for a list of events and more ways to get involved.
Text UPDATE to 235-246 (AFL-CIO) to sign up for legislative updates on issues important to working Minnesotans.

In solidarity,
Pommella Wegmann
Field Director, Minnesota AFL-CIO

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