Daily Union Update


March 19, 2020

This afternoon, the Star Tribune ran a story about many of our grocery store employers who gave an increase in pay to all union hourly employees by $2 an hour. This is a well-deserved pay premium for the hard work thousands of you are doing across the state.

Employers who have given the appreciation pay increase include: Miner’s, Quisberg’s Cub Foods, Corporate Cub Foods, Jerry’s Cub Foods, Kowalski’s Markets, Radermacher’s Cub Foods and Linden Hills Coop. The pay increase is effective March 15. I will let you know as any additional employers sign on.

Coalition Grows to Support Grocery Workers as Tier 1 Critical First Responders

The Star Tribune article also highlighted the work I told you about in yesterday’s update that I’m doing to urge Governor Walz to reclassify grocery store workers to Tier 1 critical first responders. The coalition is growing, and I am proud to announce that the Minnesota Grocers Association is officially our newest coalition member that is working hard for front line workers.

Thank a Grocery Store Worker

Today we launched ‘Thank a Grocery Store Worker’ on our Facebook page. Here are some of the messages thus far:

Thank you SO much for everything you are doing for our communities. You are all so appreciated. Stay safe and be well.

– Shelby L

Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing during this time! You are appreciated! you are ensuring that people have food during this pandemic. Thank you for all that you are doing to protect the health of your coworkers and your customers. I hope that people are being kind to you!

– Carrie Monroe

Thank you to all of you working extra hours, stocking shelves, putting up with A-HOLE customers and being you! You’re some of the great ones making this time of unknown circumstances possible! Keep up the amazing work! You guys are doing an outstanding job! Thank you for your hard work!

– AJ Wentzlaff

Proud of my Cub team. Stay strong stay safe. I love you all

– Ashley Krohn

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Ongoing Resources for Workers During COVID-19 Outbreak

In our ongoing efforts to keep communication lines open and information available, here is a list of useful websites during these uncertain times that you and your family may find helpful.

Thank you for the work that you do, and as always, reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you have. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.


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