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Thanks to grocery store workers who come into work and risk their lives to help the community and put food on our plates so I want to thank you.
– Regis
May 4, 2020
Dear Grocery Store Workers,

I would like to thank you for the courage you have to go to work every day. You are going to the store where you have to interact with people during this horrible pandemic. You are putting your lives at a risk to not only help your community but also earn money for you and your family. I am so thankful that you help us provide for our own families by keeping theses stores opened. You are really important, and I thank you for everything you do.

A grateful customer,
Yara Rios-Quiroga
– Yara Rios-Qurioga
Major kudos, thanks, and tons of gratitude to Jennifer working as a cashier at Cub in Brooklyn Center! She was so patient and helpful despite the chaos of the store. She even knew many of the customers by name - no one does that! Thank you, Jennifer!
– Susan
The whole front end was very helpful and cheerful. Thanks a ton to all the cashiers at the Brooklyn Center Cub Foods
No words can explain the amount of gratitude I have for all essential workers. This pandemic has opened my eyes to see how selfless and truly important any job from a grocery employee to a warehouse worker is. Thank you all for keeping many, many families fed and well-stocked :)
– Carmina
Thank you for making this time a bit more bearable for everybody :) Your work truly means a lot and I really hope you all stay safe during this time. Don't forget how much support you have behind you! Had it not been for those working these essential jobs, our lives would be much more difficult, we all appreciate you.
– Carmina
Shoutout to the front end team at the cub foods in Apple Valley, especially Monica who took the time to wipe down every selfcheckout machine ensuring that they were clean and safe!
– Dave
Love my cub!
Thank you to my students' parents, who work in grocery stores and keep families fed!
– Melanie Goldberg
Just wanted to reply with a heartfelt and mindful message of gratitude for all your efforts advocating for me and all my fellow colleagues on the front lines.

I am the longtime dedicated produce floater for Lunds & Byerly's and am currently assigned indefinitely at our small Glen Lake location. I know all too well what it's been like reporting for my shifts this past month.

Please know that your passionate and capable leadership and advocacy are appreciated by all. Thanks for the frequent and valuable communication via email and texts. The industries you are fighting for, whether union or non-union, are benefitting.

Thanks again! Take care of yourself and stay well.
– anon
Thank you to all of the grocery store workers holding it down for our communities. I pledge to #ShopSmart and wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines when I have to go grocery shopping!
– Jessica
Thank You for taking this risk to keep our pantries stocked!
– Tracy
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