Frontline essential workers deserve $1500 bonus pay

Meatpacking workers in Minnesota risk their lives everyday, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You deserve to be compensated with bonus pay for the additional risk you took.

At the state legislature, $250 million was set aside for Minnesota’s frontline workers and was unresolved in 2021. We continue to advocate for all frontline workers who could not work from home, and for an increased payout of $1500 per worker.

Tell Us Your Story

Do you have a covid story you would like to share about working in meatpacking during the pandemic? Text us today at 612-324-4066 and fill out the form below to talk with someone today.

Most Dangerous and Difficult Jobs in the U.S.

Jobs inside meatpacking plants are some of the most dangerous and difficult in the United States, and the risk to food workers and our food supply increase when the line speed increases. Together, we ensure each others' safety through our daily work, our union contract with the employer, and through advocating for safe Federal standards.

Membership Means More

For UFCW Local 663 members at JBS, Hormel, Quality Pork Products, Butterfield Foods, Tony Downs Madelia and other meatpacking, poultry processing workers, membership in UFCW means:

  • Guaranteed annual wage increases
  • The right to Union representation and a grievance procedure if your rights are violated
  • Improved worker health and safety
  • Free Union immigration and citizenship programs
  • The power in numbers to influence national standards on line speed and other workplace legislation as a Union
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