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UFCW 663 Supports Drivers’ Licenses for All Minnesotans


United Food and Commercial Workers proudly supports drivers’ licenses for all Minnesotans. We believe that all Minnesotans deserve to be able to work, live and take care of their families with dignity and respect. As a union, UFCW Local 663 works together to build better lives for our families and communities.

Our union supports driver’s licenses for all because it:

  • Treats our immigrant communities with dignity and respect by allowing equal access to licenses
  • Improves public safety for everyone
  • Grows the state economy

Stronger Together

UFCW Local 663 is one of the leaders within a broad statewide coalition called Freedom to Drive Minnesota. The coalition brings together People of Color/immigrant-led power organizations, unions, immigrants’ rights advocates, community-based groups and collectives, law enforcement, chambers of commerce, agribusiness, faith-based organizations and workers’ rights advocates.

Let’s Talk Licenses and More

  • All Minnesotans want and deserve to be able to work, live and take care of their families. This about human rights and public safety. We need to ensure that everyone has what they need to live a productive life.
  • Greater Minnesota and the agricultural sector depend on immigrant workers, who need safe and legal access to roads in rural areas with little to no existing public transit.
  • In Minnesota, an undocumented immigrant’s annual income would increase an estimated $1,500-4,400 if permitted to obtain a driver’s license. That means more spending, boosting Minnesota’s economy for all of us.
  • Allowing all Minnesotans to obtain driver’s licenses would make our roads safer. When everyone takes a driving test before getting behind the wheel, then all drivers will better know the rules of the road. And when undocumented immigrants have legally issued driver’s licenses, they may be more comfortable reporting an accident if they are involved in one or witness one.
  • As of 2013, 32,000 U.S. citizen children in Minnesota have undocumented parents, 2.6% of all children under 18 in the state. For these mixed-status families, issuing licenses to undocumented immigrant parents means giving U.S. citizen children safer access to essential services like education and healthcare.
  • More undocumented immigrants would have access to auto insurance as well which would reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road. A larger insurance pool also could help hold down premium costs for all Minnesota drivers.
  • Go to to learn more and Facebook @Freedom2DriveMn.

We will win if we stand together and work toward the same goal for ourselves and our families. Talk to your steward or union rep to learn more today!

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